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Gateway to the largest Pelican hatching grounds in North America!

City of Medina, North Dakota

The city of Medina was founded in 1899, and is located in Stutsman County, a farm and ranch community in the south central region of North Dakota. Just a mile north of I-94, Exit 230. The 2000 census had a population count of 335 residents. Many of our residents and area individuals/families come from rural based backgrounds, which provided them with good work ethics and a large variety of resourceful, artistic, “do-it-yourself”, and innovative talents.


Our area is rich with wildlife and game birds, and is in the annual migration flyway for many kinds of waterfowl and songbirds. For that reason many bird watchers and wildlife sportsmen find our community and surrounding area enjoyable to visit.


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Medina is closely connected to the railroad tracks. Many of the residents remember the wood water tower that was once used to fill the early railroad steam engines. Matter of fact, our town was first named “N.P. #11 Siding”. And later the siding was called “Midway”, because our city was said to be midway between the East and the West reaches of the American railroad. At that time the city was known as the “Biggest Little Town on the N.P.”, and later was named Medina.


Today, people entering Medina are greeted by a mascot pelican painted on the water tower. This is because Medina is known as the “Gateway to Chase Lake”, a National Wildlife Refuge that is the main breeding ground to the American White Pelican. It’s not unusual during the spring, summer and fall, to see these big birds gracefully gliding though the skyway around our city and community.